Shenzhen Bopeng Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, design, production and sales of intelligent robots and low-speed unmanned driving systems in multiple application fields. The R&D center is located in Rongshang Industrial Park, Longhua District. With its core technology, Bopeng has not only developed its own brand of commercial unmanned cleaning robot products, but also created a series of products such as supermarket service robots, health management robots, and inspection robots. Covering multiple application fields or industries such as commercial, police, civil, industrial, medical, etc. Profound technology accumulation and rich application experience, multi-field, intelligent, serialized product layout and strategic development ideas have made Bopeng Intelligence highly concerned and widely favored by all sectors of society.


Intelligent unmanned cleaning robot

1. Intelligent navigation system (autonomous learning and automatic path planning, cleaning efficiency area of 1500 square meters/hour)
2. Intelligent cleaning (combination of sweeping and suction, the cleaning coverage area reaches 20,000 square meters with one charge) Frequency conversion suction (suction can be automatically adjusted, the suction can be automatically increased in important areas, and the suction can be reduced in non-important areas)
3. APP intelligent management (mobile APP terminal real-time map at a glance, battery and fault display)
4. Automatic recharging function (automatic recharging at low battery, don't worry about the battery life of the robot) intelligent anti-collision and anti-fall function (the robot has detection and obstacle avoidance on the upper, middle, and lower sides of the front and back)
5. Emergency alarm (one-key alarm for emergencies to ensure the safety of personnel.)
6. Real-time monitoring (including monitoring functions such as robot surrounding environment and robot dust box installation inspection and capacity detection) Robot self-check function (self-check content includes power supply, drive, communication, etc., and abnormal alarms.)

Supermarket Service Robot

The supermarket service robot project was proposed and initiated by Tencent WeBank. It has been widely used in many supermarket stores such as Carrefour and China Resources Vanguard. The intelligent function has been praised by supermarkets and operators, and it fully assists the operation of supermarkets. Management has realized the perfect combination of business needs and robot form, which has aroused strong concern in the industry. In the follow-up, large-scale promotion will be carried out in major domestic supermarket chains.

It can replace the promoters to promote the product, work around the clock, and can assist the supermarket's security monitoring, shelf inventory and other tasks.




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